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Mo´s Favorites   RJ Mischo. A great harp player, and a very nice guy Rick Estrin, the coolest of them all   Harmonica player and songwriter from Austin, Texas  Houston´s best harmonica player Little Ray Ybarra, a great guitarplayer and a great guy Junior Watson. Blues guitar. Something different William Clarke. Fat tone and a great voice, my favorite harmonica player Kid Ramos, greasy kid´s stuff This band rocks the house!!!!! What an awesome musician!   The Cat is outta the bag The Royal Crown Revue. I really love this band  I was a sinner until I saw the Reverend Horton Heat, and now I´m going straight to hell. The number one blues label Lots of information !!! Houston Blues Society Best blues club in Houston El lugar de la música en vivo en Costa Rica   Playas del Coco Yacht Charters  La Vida Loca, the best bar in Playas del Coco  love food..... !!!! ....and Beer....  ....and Wine.... !!! George Carlin best comedian in the world More George Carlin  Bertrand Russell, The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge Liberty, responsibility and peace of mind Advertencia: El contenido de este sitio puede ocasionarle conflictos irremediables con sus dogmas  Evolve !!  Cool shirts